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Photovoltaic QE SCS 100

The Solar Cell Scan 100 from Gilden Photonics allows researchers to measure Quantum Efficiency (QE) and Incident Photon to Charge Carrier Efficiency (IPCE) for Organic and Inorganic , photon-to-charge converting equipment including P-n junctions and dye-nanocrystalline solar cells.

With a spectral range of 300 to 2000nm, and suitable for single, tandem and multilayer PV devices the Solar Cell Scan 100 is competitively priced solar cell measurement system with outstanding technical capabilities.







Light Source 150W Xe arc lamp lifetime greater than 1, 000 hours Motorised sport size adjustment
Optical stability <0.8 %
Bias light source provides 1 solar constant radiation intensity (1, 370 W/m²)
Monochromators Czerny-Turner design Motorised triple grating turret
Wavelength range: 300- 2, 000 nm with 3 gratings
< 5 nm bandwidth
Reference Detector Large-area calibrated detector Sillicon Photodiode   -
Data Acquisition DSP Lock in amplifier
DC pre-amp, dual channel inputs (100 nA) sensitivity, 16 bit data acquisition unit
Software Automatic operation, calibration and test report generation using Microsoft Windows® Operating system   -
Dimensions (D × W × H ) 0.6 x 0.83 x 0.31  m³
Certification CE marked   -
Photovoltaic QE SCS 100

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