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The fluoroSENS is a market leading bench-top fluorimeter with single photon counting sensitivity and an excellent water Raman signal-to-noise ratio that smashes the established price-performance ratio for a high-sensitivity fluorimeter.

The fluoroSENS brings the ultimate sensitivity of single-photon counting into a fully intergrated, computer-controlled fluoresence spectrometer allowing measurements of high performance steady-state and lifetime fluorescence spectra.

For excitation and emission spectra, quantum yields, kinetics, excitation-emission maps, and phosphorescence and fluorescence lifetimes, the fluoroSENS is the standard for high sensitivity fluoresence spectroscopy.

Advanced features provided as standard include.

  • On-line real-time correction of excitation and emission spectra
  • Integrated automated filter-changer for the insertion of order-sorting filters as the measuremet proceeds
  • Flexible sample chamber with full side access for easy interchange of accessories, such as integrating sphere for quantum yield measurements, optical fibres for remote sensing, cryostats and 96 well plate reader
  • Method files for recall of complete experimental parameters

Easy to use, with high speed data aqusition and the ultimate in sensitivity, the fluoroSENS is the ideal fluroescence spectrometer for the research and analytical markets.

The fluoroSENS is a versatile fluorescence spectrometer designed to meet the very highest specifications for the research and analytical markets.

The light source is a highly stabilised Xenon arc lamp with an optical stability better than 0.10% with an auto-start facility in instrument power ON.

The excitation and emission monochromators are designed for high optical throughput and each has a triple grating turret for flexible choice of gratings. This allows the instrument to be optimised for several spectral ranges depending upon customer requirements.  Each monochromator is also fitted with continuously variable bilateral knife edge slits allowing spectral pass band from 0.1nm to 10mm.

FluoroSENS is fitted with several key spectroscopy features as standard.  These include a reference photodiode detector for corrected excitation spectra, corrected emission channel, integrated order sorting filter wheel and filters as well as an optical attenuator to allow signal optimisation.

As standard the large sample chamber is designed with high light gathering optics to utilise as much of the sample signal as possible and as standard each fluoroSENS is supplied with a single cuvette holder on a manually adjustable positioning stage to ensure sample and signal optimisation. 

Optional samples holders include: Temperature controlled options, four cell motorised turret, front face sample holder for solid or power samples, magnetic stirrer, optical fibre adapters and a motorised 96 well plate reader.

Each fluoroSENS uses a single photon sensitive photomultiplier detector. This detector can be exchanged for different spectral ranges to ensure complete optimisation to customer needs. Optional NIR detectors are also available allowing measurements over the complete UV/VIS to NIR spectral ranges.

Data aquisiton is provided by a new class leading data acquisition system that provides all signal collection in the one board.  This includes a 100M counts per second photon counting module as well as low noise 16 bit analogue-to-digital detectors for sample temperature sensing and the reference detectors.

Uniquely, fluoroSENS also offers a transmission detector as a sample chamber option to allow the measurement of sample transmission simultaneously with the fluorescence emission or excitation measurements.  This allows the user to directly monitor sample photo-bleaching or aggregation etc that might otherwise invalidate the fluorescence measurement.

The system software contains all of the control, data collection, and analysis functions to make high quality fluorescence measurements.  It has the option to save all experimental parameters and to define a quick load measurement function.  This function permits routine measurements to be set-up and stored for repeat use.  Full flexibility is offered to edit these functions.

Spectral functions provided as standard include:

  • Exc, Em, and Synchronous Spectra
  • Anisotropy
  • Ex-Em Mapping, Synchronous Mapping Spectra
  • 2D, 3D, and contour plotting
  • Spectral Arithmetic, Normalisation, Smoothing, Differentiation, Integration, Spectral Conversion, Anisotropy Analysis (incl. G-factor correction), etc
  • Comprehensive export facilities for the data and the graphical presentations

The fluoroSENS also has a flexible range of upgrade paths that include:

  • Pulsed Xe lamp for phosphorescence spectra and lifetimes
  • Extended wavelength coverage to 1700 nm while maintaining sensitivity in the UV and visible spectral ranges
  • Computer controlled polarisers for the study of fluorescence anisotropy and other polarisation effects. A key measurement for life sciences, drug interaction studies, photochemistry and polymer studies.
  • Phosphorescence lifetime option with a lifetime range from microseconds to seconds
  • TCSPC based fluoresence lifetime option for the measurement of lifetimes from picoseconds to microseconds.
  • Silicon photo-diode transmission detector
  • Low temperature sample options including nitrogen and helium cryostats
  • stop-flow accessory
  • Optical fibres for remote sensing applications
  • 96 well plate reader accessory

The fluoroSENS with its range of accessories and its flexibility for upgrade is the ideal fluoresence spectrometer. Value-engineered for performance, the new standard for high sensitivity fluoresence spectroscopy.

Optical Configuration Right angle geometry, optical accessories for other geometries
Excitation Source 150W continuous Xenon Arc Lamp, Ozone Free
  200 to 2600nm spectral range
  XYZ  bulb, rear mirror and lamp focus adjustments – factory pre-aligned
Monochromators Czerny - Turner design
  300mm focal length
  Triple grating turret as standard
  Motorised continuously variable knife edge slits form 10µm to 3mm, as standard
  Stray Light performance 1:10 ⁻⁵
  Excitation Monochromator – blaze @ 300nm, 1200g/mm
  Emission Monochromator – blaze @ 500nm, 1200g/mm
Detector 185 – 670nm, blue sensitive singel photon counting photomultiplier.  Dark count rate <100cps at room temperature
  185 – 870nm, red sensitive singel photon counting photomultiplier.  Dark count rate <2000cps at room temperature
  185 – 1000nm, large area calirated Silicon Photodiode reference detector
  Optional InGaAs, InAs, InSb emission detectors for ranges into the NIR
Data Aquisition 100M counts per second photon counting system
  4 x 16 bit, 1Ms/s digitisers for analogue detectors and sample temperature monitor
  flexible user I/O port
Software Operating System – WINDOWS®
  Exc, Em, Synchronous, Anisotropy, Ex-Em Mapping, Synchronous Mapping Spectra, 2D, 3D, and contour plotting
  Spectral Arithmetic, Normalisation, Smoothing, Differentiation, Integration, Spectral Conversion, Anisotropy Analysis (incl. G-factor correction)
Sensitivity Water Raman signal-to-noise ration > 3000:1
  Excitation wavelength – 350nm, spectral bandwidth – 5nm, Integration Time = 1s
96 or 386 Well plate reader

Automated four-position cell holder
α- BBO Glan Thomson motorized polarisers
Front-face cell holder with rotation
Solid, powder and film sample holders
Water thermostattable cell holder

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