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The new M-Series fluorescence spectrometer is a modular system for acquiring steady state excitation and emission spectra in the UV-VIS-NIR spectral range with single photon counting sensitivity.

There is also the option to upgrade the system to study fluorescence decays (lifetimes) in the time range of <100ps to 50μs using Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC) and phosphorescence decays (lifetimes) in the time range of 1μs to 10s using the technique of Multi-Channel Scaling (MCS).

Optional light sources such as pulsed picosecond diode lasers and LEDs, with optional high speed PMTs allow for sub-100ps time-resolved measurements.

  • Modular system enables flexibility
  • All modes of operation, analysis and presentation controlled by one software package
  • Ultrafast data acquisition for Multi-Channel Scaling (MCS) and Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC), and Spectral Scanning
  • 12, 000:1 Water Raman SNR
  • Large sample chamber with access to all sides, top and bottom
  • High performance monochromators with high stray-light rejection
  • Computer controlled filter wheels for higher order removal
  • NIR Upgradeability
  • Compatibility with modern light sources and detectors
  • Direct GPL service team available for support worldwide
  • Auto-calibration at system initialisation

The M-Series is a fully automated, modular and flexible fluorescence spectrometer for both fundamental research and routine laboratory applications. It has excellent wavelength accuracy and sensitivity and is designed to push back the boundaries of the standards for technical performance in luminescence spectroscopy.

The M-Series is fully customisable and enables you to integrate accessories and upgrades according to your requirements. The M-Series allows you to reliably and accurately measure luminescence in either steady state and/or lifetime modes, while its large sample chamber can house a variety of sample holders and accessories.


Optical configuration

Right-angle geometry; optical accessories for other geometries are available

Excitation sources

450W continuous Xenon arc lamp, ozone free

  • Optical intensity stability better than 0.1%

  • 200-1000nm spectral range

  • XYZ bulb, rear mirror and lamp focus adjustment – factory pre-aligned
  • User interchangeable xenon bulb
  • High aperture (f/1) Spectrosil B condenser lens set

Additional light sources can be offered, including pulsed Microsecond flash lamps, Picosecond pulsed diode lasers and Picosecond pulsed LEDs. Coupled with Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC) and Multi-Channel Scaling (MCS) modules, the M-Series allows for lifetime measurements into the picosecond range


(Single monochromator configuration specifications)

  • Czerny-Turner design

  • 300mm focal length

  • F/3.9 numerical aperture

  • Motorised computer controlled triple-grating turret as standard

  • High precision continuously-variable bi-lateral knife-edge slits from 10μm to 10mm

  • Stray light performance 1:105
  • Excitation monochromator
    • 1800g/mm, 250nm blaze grating
    • 1200g/mm, 300nm blaze grating
  • Emission monochromator
    • 1800g/mm, 500nm blaze grating
    • 1200g/mm, 750nm blaze grating

  • Wavelength accuracy ± 0.2nm

  • Wavelength repeatability ± 0.1nm

  • Bandpass 0.1 – 18nm continuously variable in steps of 0.03nm
  • Scan speed 160nm/s depends upon grating
  • Computer controlled filter on exit of each monochromator
  • Double and triple monochromators are available on request

Sample Chamber

Large sample compartment with top, bottom and side access

  • Expansion possibility to T- and X-Geometry with additional emission channels
  • Optical system and focusing optics are based on aberration and chromatic corrected lenses and mirrors

  • Single cuvette holder
 (supplied as standard)
  • Range of application specific sample holders available
  • Computer controlled shutter for protection of detector is included
  • Computer controlled intensity beam

  • Large area high stability reference silicon photodiode detector


  • 185-670nm, blue-sensitivity single-photon counting photomultiplier; dark count rate <100cps at room temperature

  • 185-900nm, red-sensitivity single-photon counting photomultiplier; dark count rate <2, 000cps at room temperature
  • 300-1700nm, NIR single-photon counting photomultiplier available upon request

Thermoelectrically cooled photomultiplier housings (optional)

Reference detector

185-1, 000 nm large-area calibrated Silicon Photodiode

Control and Analysis Software

Comprehensive M-Series software supplied for Windows 7 or 8, 32-bit or 64-bit operating systems. This provides full spectrometer control, performance monitoring and all spectral data acquisition, analysis and manipulation:

  • Control over spectrometer components such as monochromators and lamps
  • Automatic or manual spectral correction
  • Kinetic measurements
  • Time resolved excitation and emission spectra (TRES)
  • Data handling routines (normalization, scaling, arithmetic, integration, differentiation, smooth, etc.)
  • Numerical data reconvolution of up to 4 exponentials based on Marquardt-Levenberg algorithm for time-resolved data
  • Full reconvolution analysis of up to 10000 channels of data
  • Residual analysis
  • 2D, 3D and contour graphics
  • Routines for quantum yield, reflectance and absorbance measurements (integrating sphere accessory required)
  • Chromaticity and luminance calculation and presentation
  • File import and export, including ASCII
  • Automated acquisition of anisotropy and time resolved anisotropy with G-factor correction (polarisers accessory required)
  • Computer controlled sample temperature (cryostat or peltier cooled sample holder accessory required)
  • Method file saving

Computer Hardware

Dedicated hardware:

Windows 7 or 8 based computer

  • Dual core processor
  • ≥80GB hard disk drive
  • ≥2GB RAM
  • Monitor 21”
  • Keyboard, Mouse
  • CD-ROM/DVD Drive
  • USB key for protecting M series software


All system components protectively packed for shipping

System manuals included on installation disk


Installation and training will be carried out by the qualified Gilden Photonics installation team


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