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Sample Chamber - SAC

Every Spectroscopy system needs the sample chamber. SAC is a three-port sample chamber, which can be easily configured for transmittance, reflectance, absorbance, fluorescence or Raman measurements.

The focussing optics within the chamber consists of quartz lenses for excellent transmission in the spectral range 185nm to 2.5μm. Each quartz lens can be adjusted to provide collimated or focused beam depending on sample and application requirements.

The SAC is compatible with the range of Gilden Photonics monochromators and spectrographs. Available in 2 different standard sizes:

330mm (W) x 280mm (D) x 213-243mm (H-adjustable) or 450mm(W) x 450mm (D) 190(H).

Sample Holder Options

  • standard solid, powder and film sample holder
  • water-thermostattable cell holder
  • automated four-position cell holder
  • front-face cell holder with rotation
  • magnetic stirrers
  • XY or XYZ rotation stages
  • Integrating Spheres for quantum yield and reflection measurements

For special sample holders options please contact Gilden Photonics to discuss the custom options.

Sample Chamber - SAC

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