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Triple Monochromator

The Triple Monochromators/Spectrographs include three 500mm focus monochromators, which are in fine alignment. The first two monochromators, as the dispersion subtraction, are used to reduce the stray light. The third monochromator as dispersion sum configuration is used to improve the resolution.

Each unit can work well as the monochromator, and the two units can also be used as the double monochromator giving the customer added value and flexibility to their work.


The first and second monochromators are side entrance and double exits. The third monochromator has double entrances and double exits, to ensure it is easy to connect the CCD and PMT, the single channel detectors.

There are three important gratings in each monochromator, and the spectral range is located in deep UV region, the middle UV and visible region. Each grating reflectively can be up to 70% in their respective spectral region.

Specification @325 nm Excitation Wavelength

  • Wavelength range 200-800 nm
  • Relative wave number range: 50-18000cmˉ¹
  • Resolution: 3cm ˉ¹
  • Repeatability: 5cm ˉ¹

Mainly used in high-grade Raman Spectroscopy measurement, such as UV-resonance Raman spectroscopy.

Triple Monochromator

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