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Omni-λ300 Monochromator

The Omni-λ300 monochromator system is a versatile system with a precision direct drive and a triple grating turret that offers unparalleled repeatability and reproducibility in any spectral position for selecting a particular wavelength of light ranging from the UV range through to the NIR range from a continuous source.


The system is constructed using a single piece casting for superb structural rigidity and also features flexible input and output port options that allow it to be configured as either a monochromator or a spectrograph system with a two-dimensional array detector. Flexible grating options make this monochromator an ideal general purpose unit that can cover a wide range of application requirements for UV and IR and from medium to high spectral resolution depending upon grating choice with excellent optical throughput and low stray levels.

The Omni-λ300 features a fully interchangeable grating turret utilising a high repeatability kinematic mount. The microprocessor controller can accommodate up to three turrets each with different gratings, 9 gratings in total, for the ultimate in flexibility, and uses a USB 2.0 interface for easy connection. 


Focal Length 300 mm
Aperture Ratio f / 3.9  
Mechanical Scanning Range 0 to 1200 nm
Resolution 0.1 nm
Grating Mount Interchangeable triple grating turret  
Grating Size 68 x 68 mm²
Dispersion 2.7 nm / mm
Wavelength Accuracy 0.2 nm
Repeatability 0.1 nm
Drive Step Size 0.05 nm
Focal Plane Size (W x H) 25 x 14 mm²
Standard Slits 0.01 - 3, continuously adjustable mm
Slit Height 14 mm
Optical Axis Height 134 mm
Size (L x W x H) 360 x 260 195  
Weight 15 kg

The rugged high performance Omni- 300 is an ideal choice for either single of multichannel detector use in many applications that require medium to high spectroscopic resolution with excellent stray light performance such as fluorescence, Raman, absorption, transmission or source characterization measurements.

Easy access to your unique experiment and parameter control using an Active X controller or using our spectroscopy software is possible.

Omni-λ300 Monochromator

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