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Double Monochromator

The Omni- series monochromators can also be supplied in double monochromator configurations. These configurations consist of two monochromators of the same focal length mounted on a common baseplate and the exit slit of the first monochromator is the entrance slit of the second monochromator.

The main advantage of using a double monochromator configuration is that the Straylight ratio is 104 times better than that of a single monochromator.

Double monochromators can also be designed to have either Additive dispersion or Subtractive dispersion.

An Additive dispersion will have resolution (or reciprocal linear dispersion) equal to the sum of the resolution of each monochromator, as the light dispersed by the first monochromator is further dispersed by the second monochromator.

If a monochromator is designed to have Subtractive dispersion the spectral dispersion at the output is effectively zero, therefore the light leaving the second monochromator is spectrally uniform which can be useful in fluorescence and luminescence applications.

DOUBLE MONOCHROMATOR SPECIFICATIONS                                 @ 1200 G/MM GRATINGS
  OMNI- λ300D OMNI- λ500D OMNI- λ750D
  Dispersion Additive Dispersion Subtractive Dispersion Additive Dispersion Subtractive Dispersion Additive Dispersion Subtractive
Focus 600 300 1000 500 1500 750
Grating Dimension 68 x 68
Relative Aperture f / 3.9 f / 3.9 f / 6.5 f / 6.5 f / 9.7 f / 9.7
Reciprocal Linear 1.35 2.7 0.85 1.7 0.55 1.1
Resolution 0.05 0.1 0.03 0.05 0.02 0.03
Wavelength Accuracy ± 0.2
Wavelength Repeatability ± 0.1
Slit Width: 0.01 - 3 (can be adjusted continually) / Height: 2, 4, 10, 14 / Option: motor slit
Straylight 1:10ˉ⁸ to 1 : 10 ˉ¹⁰
Interface USB 2.0 (option: RS-232), Fully Windows 7 and 8 compatible
Double Monochromator

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