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Xenon Short Arc Lamp - 1000W

High intensity, high luminance light source

Spectral Output 200 – 1800nm

Separate lamp housing

  • Housing: Lamp, ignitor, reflector and condensing optics
  • Independent fine position adjustment for lamp & reflector X, Y, & Z
  • Adjustment of condensing lens
  • Superimposed ignition ensures fast switch on
  • No AC voltages for improved output stability
  • High temperature self reset safety circuit

Power supply unit

  • Interlocked PSU for 1KW lamp, ensures correct lamp connection
  • Independent lamp control
  • Can be located up to 2m from lamp housing
Power 1000 W
Operating Voltage 21 V
Operating Current 47.5 A
Service Life (Average) 3000 H
Spectral Range 200 - 750, low intensity to 1800 nm
Colour Temperature 6000 K


Input Voltage 230 AC (208-240), 5 A V
Output Aux 24 DC, 1 A for cooling fan V
Output Lamp 21 V DC, 50 A for lamp rising to 200V, low load to enable ignitor striking V

WARNING: The power supply unit should never be used to power any other devices.

The power supply uses a safety circuit to ensure the lamp housing is attached before switching on the high power DC output (lamp power) the low power (fan power) is switched on with the front panel switch, but will remain on for a period of a few minutes after the lamp has been switched off, this is to allow the continued cooling of the lamp housing.

Xenon Short Arc Lamp - 1000W

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