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Mercury Light Sources

UV/Visible Line Output

Model LHM254 is a compact light source that features high stability and line output useful for wavelength-calibration purposes.

There are many lines produced by mercury, including 253.7 nm, 313.2 nm, 365.0nm, 435.7 nm, 546.1nm, 577.0 nm and 579.0 nm wavelengths.

This source includes a mercury lamp mounted into the housing on a flange mounting that matches the monochromator, Omni-λ type slit body. A power supply is included.

LHM254 Mercury lamp wavelength calibration light source

LHM254 Mercury lamp is a cold cathode, low-pressure mercury discharge lamp and has large spectrum energy with high stability and a compact size.

Provides high output spectral lines of mercury, such as 253.65 nm, 313.15 nm, 313.18 nm, 365.02 nm, 404.66 nm, 435.84 nm, 546.07 nm, 576.96 nm, 579.07 nm, etc. 

Ignition voltage: 1500 V

Rated power: 3W

Working Current: 10mA

Mainly used for wavelength calibration of spectrographs.

Mercury Light Sources

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