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Spectroscopy Detectors - InAs Series

High performance INAS series NIR detectors with a  spectral range from 1 to 3.8 µm

DInAs 3800: Built-in import,   Room temperature detectors

DInAs 3800-TE: Built-in import, TE cooling detectors

Before connecting to the signal processors (i.e. oscilloscope or lock-in amplifier, )  the IV Tranc-impedance Amplifier (ZAMP) is recommended to be connected as a preamp and which can be the input current signal.

The user can connect the detectors to the signal processors directly but in order to improve the detection sensitivity, the IV Tranc-impedance Amplifier is recommended

When used with DCS data acquisition system, the IV Tranc-impedance Amplifier is also recommended in order to improve the detection sensitivity.

If the DInAs 3800 and DInAs 3800-TE detectors are used with the DCS 300PA data acquisition system, as signal amplifier has been integrated in the DCS 300PA dual-channel; it does not meet to match a preamplifier.

In the TE cooled mode, DInAs 3800-TE detectors must work with Temperature controller (ZTC) for cooling control.



DNAS 3800

DNAS 3800-TE


Active Size Diameter




Spectral Range 1 - 3.8 800-1900 μm
Peak Responsivity 0.8   A / W
D* (@ λpeak, 1KHz)p 2.5 x 10⁹ 9.1 x 10¹² Hz½ W
NEP (@ λpeak, 1KHz)p 71 4.4 W/Hz½
Temperature Controller - ZTC -2 -
Operating Temperature Room temperature -40 ºC
Temperature Stability - ± 0.5 ºC
Signal Output Current Current -
Output Signal Polarity P P -
- In the cooled mode, the detectors must be working with temperature controller (ZTC) -
- Tranc-impedance amplifier ZAMP is recommended -
Spectroscopy Detectors - InAs Series

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