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Pyroelectric Detectors - DPe22

The DPe22 is a room temperature pyroelectric IR detector with a spectral range of 0.5 - 22 μm. 

DPe22 is a room temperature pyroelectric detectors, suitable for economical measurement with an integrated preamplifier, made from LATGS like thermocouple structure, used in the infrared spectral measurements.

Active Size 0.5 x 2 mm
Window Material Znse (standard) -
Spectral Range 0.5 - 22 μm
R (500, 12.5) 2 x 10⁵ V / W
D* (500, 12.5, 1) 1 x 10⁹ cm Hz½ W¯¹    
NEP (500, 12.5, 1) 9 x 10¹¹ W / Hz½
Maximum Input Power 1 μW
Maximum Output Voltage 4 V / W
Output Signal Voltage -
Output Signal Polarity P -

Pyroelectric detectors application advice:

  • DPe22 pyroelectric detectors can respond over a wide range of wavelengths, and the actual working wavelength range is limited by the window materials. Based on actual needs you can choose the suitable window material.
  • DPe22 pyroelectric detectors can be used with lock-in amplifiers. SR830 or Model 420 is recommended.
  • DPe22 pyroelectric response rate is in inverse proportion to the modulation frequency, which is suitable for lower frequency (under 70Hz)
Pyroelectric Detectors - DPe22

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