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sisuROCK provides an efficient and high throughput production tool for the mining industry and a versatile and flexible analysis tool for geological research applications. sisuROCK applies Specim’s state of the art hyperspectral cameras for rapid collection of hyperspectral data from various geological samples.

Key Benefits

  • Turnkey hyperspectral drill core imaging
  • Automatic core box scanning
  • High speed production instrument for exploration projects
  • Objective and consistent data across the entire project area
  • No special sample preparation
  • Versatile tool for geological research
  • High spatial and spectral resolution with two options: SWEI and spectral imaging with high resolution RBG and SWIR + VNIR spectral imaging
  • Thermal imaging option available

sisuROCK can be equipped with one or two cameras.

The default camera is Specim’s SWIR  Spectral Camera The SWIR range is rich in mineral spectral signatures and is therefore the most important spectral range for geological analysis applications.

The SWIR hyperspectral camera acquires images with 320 spatial pixels and 256 spectral bands, and covers wavelengths 970-2500 nm. The SWIR camera can be accompanied with either a RGB camera or a VNIR spectral camera.

The RGB camera offers 4000 spatial pixels producing high resolution color imagery when textural information about the sample is required.

The VNIR spectral camera provides continuous spectral information over the range 400-1000nm.

An average data collection rate of 1200 metres of core per day was achieved in an exploration project, where sisuROCK was operated in the full core tray mode with spacial resolution of 2mm. Hyperspectral data from a total of 17000 meters of core was collected in two weeks. The cost per core meter for hyperspectral data collection and mineralogical analysis appeared to be a very minor cost component in the overall exploration cost per core meter. 

Spectral Range 970 - 2500 400 - 1000 Not applicable nm
Number of Spectral Bands 256 approx 105 3 -
Pixel Size on Target *1 HR: 0.2 Hr: 0.08 HR: 0.16  mm
HS: 2.0 HS: 0.8 HS: 0.16
Number of Pixels / Image Line 320 800 4000  
Scan Rate HR: 20 HR: 8 HR: 20 mm/s
HR: 200 HS:80 HS: 200
Scan Time For Single Core Box *2 15 25 15 s
Max Sample Size (LxWxT) 1500 x 640 x 300, 50kg mm/s
Cooling Requirements No external cooling required. Air conditioned room recommended -
Operating Conditions Laboratory type environment, small amount of dust accepted m-
Operating Temperature 0 to +40, non-condensing °c
Operating Voltage 110 to 220 V and 50/60 Hz clean power supply -
Output Data Format BIL file format, ENVI/Evince compatible -
Instrument Calibration Spectrally calibrated data, Normalization and while balance -

*1 HR stands for High Resolution mode for single core measurement
HS stands for High Speed mode for single core box measurement
*2 1.5m long core box. Including calibration measurements

Drill Core Analysis:

Detailed and comprehensive mineral maps of drill core samples providing an in depth understanding of the entire ore body. SisuROCK produces hyperspectral data of a whole core box at once, having a production efficiency of one mile (1600 meters) in a day.


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