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Performance, Efficiency and Ease of Use

SisuCHEMA combines NIR spectroscopy with high resolution imaging. It allows the analysis of a wide range of samples providing detailed information on chemcal components, their quanitities and distributions within the sample. SisuCHEMA therefore provides detailed information for the characterisation ad quality assurance of advanced materials, where the functionality of the material is dependent on its chemical and physical structure,

sisuCHEMA is based on Specim’s Spectral Cameras operating in the near infrared range with high spectral resolution. Light throughput is 10 to 20 times higher than in similar instruments that implement tunable filters. The result is considerably faster imaging under similar illumination conditions. Furthermore, pushbroom imaging only requires line illumination on the sample, which significantly reduces the heat load on the sample.

Specim’s unique line illumination technique optimizes the imaging of various surfaces and textures. susuCHEMA is a stand-alone instrument, which is user friendly and easy to set up and maintain. sisuCHEMA is operated with pre-installed ChemaDAQ data acquisition software and UmBio Evince hyperspectral image analysis software.

From Lab to Process

Specim’s sisuCHEMA is the only chemical imaging technique offering a direct application path from laboratory to real-time process. Using a pushbroom hyperspectral camera, sisuCHEMA works like a high speed line-scan camera. It acquires and builds the spectral image of a moving sample line by line, and simultaneously acquires all wavelengths for each line. This imaging technique is ideal solution for online process monitoring, where samples are in continuous motion. This provides another significant advantage to the sisuCHEMA user. The applications that are developed for sample analysis in laboratory and near production lines can be directly transferred to the real time world of online process and quality control. There is no need to adapt and invest in different technologies for online monitoring.

Umnio Evince Software-Analysing The Time

UmBio Evince is used for the exploration of hyperspectral image data created and collected by ChemaDAQ. Using Evince’s powerful multivariate analysis methods, the user can efficiently extract relevant information from the data cubes. Numerous visualizations are available and immediate indications of changes in the data make the exploration fast and effective.

Operation Mode High speed
pushbroom hyperspectral
Spectral Range 1000 - 2500 900 - 1700 nm
Spectral Sampling / pixel 6.3 4 nm
Spectral Resolution 10 6 nm
Spatial Pixels / line 320 -
Pixel size on Sample sisuCHEMA: scalable from 30 to 300 microns
sisuCHEMA XL: scalable from 30 to 600
Field of View on Sample sisuCHEMA: scalable from 10 to 100 mm
sisuCHEMA XL: Scalable from 10 to 200
Maximum Sample Size (WxLxT) sisuCHEMA: 100 x 100 x 40 mm
sisuCHEMA XL: 100 x x100 x 40
Scanning Rate 100 hyperspectral line images / s(max), corresponding to:
3mm/s with 30 micron pixel-30 mm/s with 300 micron pixel -
60 mm/s with 600 micron pixel
Typical Scan Time < 7s for single 320x320 pixel image capture with 256 spectral bands -
Illumination Specim’s diffuse line illumination unit -
Data Format BIL file format, Evince end ENVI compatible -
Instrument Calibration Instrument is delivered with spectral calibration. Image data is automatically calibrated to reflectance by measuring an internal standard reference target before each sample scan  -
  • Tablet analysis
  • Blister package inspection
  • Blend uniformity
  • Granule size and size distribution
  • Food and dairy
  • Agricultural material screening
  • Forensics
  • Life Sciences

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