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sisuCHEMA SWIR/NIR workstation

Application From Laboratory To Near Production Lines

sisuCHEMA is a complete workstation for chemical imaging in the near-infrared region. ITs pushbroom technology provides a speedy measurement procedure, which facilitates the everyday quality control of pharmaceutical products.

With fully exchangeable optics, sisuCHEMA is easily adjusted to the required resolution, which gives the opportunity to study both intra- and inter- tablet properties

The analysis procedure can be fully automated into routine application using customised scripts. Furthermore, the NIR hyperspectral camera unit along with the created calibration models are readily transferable to online applications, thanks to the used pushbroom technology.

Near Infrared (NIR) imaging is a highly versatile technology for charcterisation, quality control and quality assurance of pharmaceutical products such as tablets. The sisuCHEMA imaging workstation is a powerful solution in this area, giving a complete NIR spectrum (970-2500nm) in each image pixel.

The workstation setup is very flexible; the hyperspectral camera can be fitted with a variety of lenses, which in combination with setting for scan length, give high efficiency to measurement procedures where one or several tablets can be analyzed at the same time.

Blending Uniformity, Tablet Homogeneity

sisuCHEMA images a tablet typically in 1 to 3 seconds, or 10 successive tablets in 10 to 30 seconds, when working in a high resolution mode with 30 micron pixel size on the sample. It makes sisuCHEMA the most efficient tool on the market for precise analysis of chemical composition and ingredient-specific particle size in pharmaceutical samples.

It can be used for the assessment of blending homogeneity and product functionality. There is often a high interest in the distribution of the active pharmaceutical ingredient, api, within the sample. sisuCHEMA makes it possible to detect and identify contaminants and monitor coating quality on samples.

Tablet Identification, Foreign and Counterfeit Product Detection

Int he following example sisuCHEMA was used to identify and check the contents of pill sets in plastic bags. The image on the top is a photograph of the pill package. The second image is an NIR image acquired with sisuCHEMA and classified to identify the pills based on their different spectral signatures.

Applying principal component analysis (PCA) on the NIR image clearly distinguishes the chemically different pills. The score scatter plot on the right image shows the distribution in PCA scpre space for all pixels in the NIR image.

The five clusters correspond to the five different pills. The bottom image on the left shows an example where the classification revealed the pill set to include two similar pills by mistake

As demonstrated here, NIR hyperspectral imaging is an efficient tool for identification of pharmaceutical products through the package and checking for the correct contents. Similarly, the technique can be applied to detect counterfeit products.

Automated Routine Analysis

sisuCHEMA is delivered with the EVICE data analysis software, which incorporates powerful scripting functionality for setting up automated flows for routine analysis of unknown samples.

The hyperspectral camera unit is transferable to an online environment for automated prediction of process samples.

Operation Mode High speed pushbroom hyperspectral -
Spectral Range 970 2500 970 - 1700 nm
Spectral Sampling / Pixel 6.3 4 nm
Spectral Resolution 10 6 nm
Spatial Pixels / Line 320 -
Pixel Size on Sample Scalable from 30 to 300 microns
Field of View on Sample Scalable from 10 to 100 mm
Maximum Sample Size (WxLxT) 100  x 100 x 40 mm
Scanning Rate 100 hyperspectral line images / s(max), corresponding to-3mm/s with 30 micron pixel-30 mm/s with 300 micron -
Typical Scan Time 3 to 10 s for an image with 320 x x320 spatial pixels and full 256 spectral band -
Illumination Diffused line illumination -
Data Format BIL file format, Evince end ENVI compatible -
Instrument Calibration Instrument is delivered with spectral calibration. Image data is automatically calibrated to reflectance by measuring an internal standard reference target before each simple scan.  -
  • Tablet analysis
  • Blister package inspection
  • Blend uniformity
  • Granule size and size distribution
  • Food and dairy
  • Agricultural material screening
  • Forensics
  • Life Sciences
sisuCHEMA SWIR/NIR workstation

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