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ImSpector Raman

High performance imaging spectrograph for Raman Spectroscopy applications.

530-630nm and 770-980nm

  • Fully transmissive optical design with lenses and transmissive dispersive element
  • Distortion free performance with sub-pixel smile and keystone
  • Easy integration to different types of CCD and CMOS cameras
  • High performance imaging spectrographs for Raman Spectroscopy applications.

Like all other Specim ImSpector spectrographs, Raman spectrographs are based on fully transmissive optical design with lenses and transmissive dispersive elements. This structure enables building a rugged device with a small footprint and easy integration to different types of CCD and CMOS cameras, as well as to the microscope or standard imaging optics.

Optical Quality

The selection of fully transmissive optical design for the Raman spectrograph provides the bet available optical performance for Raman measurements. This means:

  • High light throughput thanks to large numerical aperture, high transmission of the wavelength optimized optics, and high diffraction effieciency of the transmission grating
  • Polarization free optical design thanks to the transmissive dispersion element
  • Distortion free imaging performance with sub-pixel smile and keystone.

Customised solutions

The ImSpector Raman imaging spectrographs are available for two standard wavelength ranges in the VNIR(500-1000nm) range to be used together with the standard Raman excitation lasers around 500 and 800nm. If the application requires a dedicated wavelength range, customisation can be done without large NRE costs.

Spectral Range 530-630(18900-15900cm–¹) 770-980(13000-10200cm–¹) nm
Image size 13x13 13x13 mm²
Spectral Dispersion 7.7 16.15 nm/mm
Spectral Resolution(FWHM) 0.3 (~10cm–¹) 0.3(~10cm–¹) nm
Numerical Aperture 0.21 (F/2.4) 0.21 (F/2.4) -
Slit Width, Default 30 30 μm
Slit Length 14.2 14.2 mm
Optical Output Telecentric Telecentric -
Grating Efficiency >65% >65% -
Smile <3 (0.025%) μm
Keystone <3 (0.025%) μm
Size, OEM 187x83x60 mm³
Weight 1100 g
Body, OEM Anodised aluminium tube -
Lens and Camera Mount Standard C-mount adapter (removable)* -
User Adjustments Image axis relative to detector rows, back focal length adjustable ± 1mm -
Environmental Characteristics
Storage -20...+85 °C
Operating +5...+40 °C
  • Mechanical shutter: for dark image acquisition
  • Collection fiber optics: 4 to 100 separate channels with selectable lengths and SMA connections
ImSpector Raman

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