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CaliGeo runs on a standard Windows or LINUX PC as a separate module under the ENVI software by ITT Visual Information Solutions. CaliGeo is used to perform all radiometric corrections and to rectify and georeference AISA data while ENVI provides the tools for data analysis and interpretation. The processing sequence is illustrated within the Overview tab.

Radiometric Corrections

CaliGeo provides fast radiometric correction of the hyperspectral AISA data - including up to 500 spectral bands - using the radiometric calibration data provided by Specim with each AISA system. To perform a quick-look at the data, extraction of any spectral or spatial subset of the data is supported, as well as dark reference subtraction, and signal-to-FODIS ratio, which gives a rough estimate on the reflectance properties of the target.

Georectification and Georeferencing

CaliGeo performs georectification and georeferencing of the AISA data by using the position and attitude data collected automatically from the GPS/INS sensor synchronously with the hyperspectral AISA data. CaliGeo also processes the collected position attitude data into a simple ascii-format readable with any text editor thus providing a quick way to check the validity of the navigation data.

Currently, data from C-MIGITS III, Applanx POS/AV series, Oxford RT3000 series and Aerocontrol GPS/INS sensors is supported in CaliGeo, as well as import of external position and attitude data. CaliGeo also provides a fast tool to remove any inaccuracies in the final, georectified images caused by sensor vs GPS/INS sensor misalignment, i.e the boresight errors. Similarly, CaliGeo performs fast corrections for aisaDUAL data to match the ground pixels of the VNIR and SWIR images.

Examples of System Features

  • Option to perform full radiometric corrections to radiance or to reflectance-type FODIS ratio
  • Extraction of any spectral or spatial subset of the data is supported
  • Geometirc correction and rectification eliminating any image distortion due to aircraft motion as well as providing output as a georeferenced hyperspectral image.
  • Fast removal of inaccuracies caused by sensor head vs position/attitude device alignment
  • Easy-to-use Dual sensor boresight connection to match the ground pixels of VNiR and SWIR sensors
  • Support for use of external GPS/INS data
  • Support for using ENVI-compatible DEM’s for optimal georectification and georeferencing accuracy
  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface
  • Documentation provided for main iDL subroutine
  • Calls for user-developed data processing routines

High-Speed, Pre-processing For HyperSpectral Data

Processing sequence of aisa System Data

Quick turn-around time from a raw hyperspectral AISA data into a radiometrically corrected, georectified image allows the user to concentrate on the analysis of the data.

For data analysis and interpretation the ENVI software package combines with a complete, advanced image processing and visualization package. The most advanced yet easy to use spectral tools are included. ENVI provides geometric correction, terrain analysis, radar analysis, raster and vector GIS capabilities, extensive support for images from a wide variety of sources, including AISA, and much more.

Future ENVI and IDL Upgrades and CaliGeo Versions

CaliGeo requires that either the ENVI runtime version or a full version of ENVI + IDL is installed on a computer. CaliGeo does not include any of the analysis features in ENVI or IDL.

CaliGeo runs as a plug-in in the ENVI+IDL software environment. For every new version of ENVI, Specim will release a version of CaliGeo that is fully compatible with it. Specim will also provide the latest version of CaliGeo running under a limited set of older ENVI versions, depending on the interest in these versions.

Fast reply time for support is provided with any CaliGeo-processing related questions/problems for the customers under the Annual Support Contract.


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