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Full Range 380 nm - 2500 nm

AisaFENIX is the most versitile HSI unit for field, airborne and ground usage. Optimized for the most demanding geological, law enforcement, and environmental applications, the AisaFENIX delivers the best hyperspectral data ever seen over VNIR, NIR, and SWIR wavelengths.

AisaFENIX is the most versatile HSI unit for field, airborne and ground use. It delivers unprecedented performance over the entire visible, NIR, and SWIR spectral ranges. 

Environmental analysis and law enforcement applications require high quality spectral information at different wavelength areas. This need has previously resulted in complicated and expensive multi-sensor systems. AisaFENIX eliminates the past challenges in “full spectrum imaging”. It is a single optics imager, with two focal plane arrays always staring exactly the same spot of the object. Thus, there is no need for the co-alignment of two separate imagers with different distortions, sharpness, and FOV.

Designed for simplicity, reliability and performance in field usage the AisaFENIX uses a patent pending imaging spectrograph, optimized mechanical structure, and passive temperature compensation to make the instrument one of the most stable hyperspectral imagers. Key benefits include:

  • Entire 380 nm - 2500 nm range in a single datacube.
  • High radiometric stability, repeatability, and performance. Polarization independency, excellent transmission (>65%), high signal-to-noise ratio SNR (500-1000), and spectral resolution (620 bands).
  • Simplicity and reliability in operation. No need for the co-alignment of two separate optical systems with different distortions, sharpness, and FOV.
  • Compact and solid structure - 75% reduction in size and weight compared to previous multi-sensor systems. Ideal for ground and airborne installations, including turrets / gimbals, pan&tilt units, and UAV’s.
  • Optimized performance for environmental, geological, and law enforcement applications, including:
    • vegetation research, precision agriculture, and environmental analysis
    • detection of invasive species, both plants and insects
    • detection of illicit/narcotic plants including marijuana, coca, poppy
    • mineral mapping / geological exploration


Spectrograph High efficiency transmissuve imaging spectrograph. Throughput practically Indpendendent of polarization.  
Smile and Keystone <0.2 pixels  
Numerical aperture F/2.4  
Spectral Range 380 – 970 970-2500 nm
Spectral Resolution 3.5 12 nm
Calibration Sensor provided with wavelength and radiometric calibration file -
FOV 32.3 degrees -
iIFOV 0.084 degrees -
Swath Width 0.58 x altitude
Altitude for 1m pixel size 660 m
Detector CMOS Stirling Cooled MCT -
Spectral binning options 2x   4x 8x       
Number of spectral Bands 348 174 87 274  
Spectral Sampling / band 1.7 3.4 6.8 6 nm
Frame rate, upto  (frame/s) 100  
Spatial pixels 384  
Output 12 bits CL 16 bits CL  
SNR 600 – 1000:1 (peak) 1300:1 (peak)  -
Integration Time Adjustable within frame time   -
Shutter Electromechanical shutter for dark background registration, user-controlable by software -
Operating modes Hyperspectral and multispectral.
The operator can create application specific band 
Typical power consumption 150 W
Maximum power consumption 500 W
Storage  (-20) - (+50) ºC
Operating (+5) - (+40) non-condensing ºC
  • Plant mapping and distribution
  • Water quality, oil spills
  • Geology, mineralogy
  • Vegetation health
  • Forest inventory
  • Archaeology
  • Target detection

    1. Drug plantations
    2. Illegal activities
    3. Security and defence threads

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