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AISA Airborne: aisaEAGLE

VNIR Range 400-970nm

The Specim’s aisaEAGLE is an excellent analytical, detection and mapping tool that provides and exceptional performance in airborne and field use at an affordable price. The sensor has established its ability in a range of commercial, research and public service applications. The applications that aisaEAGLE has been involved in include forestry management, vegetation cultivation, environmental investigations, precision farming, target identification, water assessment and land use planning.

High Stability

The newest aisaEAGLE sensor offers now even higher performance. With it’s temperature stabilized CCD camera, it provides the highest spectral stability and quality in varying operating conditions, both airborne and in the field.

The Best Performance-To-Cost-Efficiency for Airborne Hyper-Spectral Imaging - aisaEAGLE

Gilden Photonics offers a hyperspectral sensor in the VNIR range 9400 - 970 nm) from Specim Ltd. Gilden Photonics provides aisaEAGLE as a full, ready-to-use turnkey system. The complete aisaEAGLE system consists of

  • The aiseEAGLE sensor with interchangeable objectives
  • Image acquisition computer with a user-friendly interface and image acquisition software (RSCube)
  • High performance GPS/INS sensor
  • Power Supply
  • CaliGeo pre-processing software
Spectrograph High efficiency transmission imaging spectrograph. Throughput practically independent of polarisation.Smile and keystone < 2 microns across full field -
Numerical Aperture F / 2.4 -
Spectral Range 400 - 970 nm
Spectral Resolution 3.3 nm
FODIS (optional) Diffuse down welling irradiance collector and fiber optic cable (5m standard) with SMA connector -
Calibration Sensor provided with wavelength and radiometric calibration file -
Fore Optics Options OLE 23 OLE 18.5 OLE 9 -
FOOV 29.9 37.7   Wide FOV lens More specifications upon request degrees
IFOV 0.029 0.037 degrees
Swath Width 0.53 x altitude 0.68 x altitude -
Ground Resolution @ 1000 m Altitude 0.52 0.68 x altitude m
Detector Progressive scan CCD detector -
Spectral binning Options 1x 2x 4x 8x -
Number of Spectral Bands 488 244 122 60 -
Spectral Sampling / Band 1.25 2.3 4.6 9.2 nm
Frame Rate, Up to 30 59 100 160 fps
Spatial Pixels Up to 1024, of which 70 - 80 FODIS pixels (optional) -
Output 12 Bits digital -
SNR 350:1 - 1400:1 (depending on the band configuration)More detailed SNR data in various operational conditions are available from Gilden Photonics -
Integration Time Adjustable, independent of image rate -
Shutter Electromechanical shutter for dark background registration, user-controllable by software -
Operating Modes Hyperspectral and MultispectralThe operator can create application specific band configurations, and quickly change from one mode or configuration to others in flight operation -
Power ConsumptionComplete System With Rack PCComplete System with Lightweight PC  350220  W
Storage -20...+50 ºC
Operating +5...+40, non condensing ºC
  • Plant mapping and distribution
  • Water quality, oil spills
  • Geology, mineralogy
  • Vegetation health
  • Forest inventory
  • Archaeology
  • Target detection
    1. Drug plantations
    2. Illegal activities
    3. Security and defence threads

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