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Mirror Scanner System

Mirror Scanner System

The mirror scanner is one of the best solutions for short to medium focal length lenses in the VNIR and SWIR spectral ranges. They are ideal for recording large scene areas in short time periods. Such scanners are compact, rugged, and have enclosed optics that are protected from the environment.

The scanner head is attached to the hyperspectral camera using a pre-aligned mount to reproducibly position the scanner if disassembled for storage or transport. The scanner assembly has a port for easy access to the spectrograph fore objective to allow rapid focus of the image. Once focussed the mirror scanner can be used in either vertical or horizontal scanning directions.

Several versions are available including slow high precision scanners as well as high speed rotation scanners. Each scanner comprises a precision stepper motor driven scan head with a high quality front surface mirror and optimized large aperture window. The scanner can be optimised for different spectral ranges by exchanging the mirror and window materials. Standard versions include VINR (400 - 1000 nm) and SWIR (900 - 2500nm) ranges. Other versions can be made upon request.

Standard Objective 17 mm Typical objective with 1000 pixel wide VNiR sensor
Field of View (FOV) Across Slit Length 40 Deg From 17mm objective, other objectives will give wider or narrower FOV depending upon their focal length
Instantaneous FOV Across Slit Length 0.05 Deg IFOV will change depending upon camera and lens combination used
Field of View Perpendicular to Slit Length 70 Deg Depends upon the scan angle conditions set and objective used
Instantaneous FOV Perpendicular to Slit Length 0.05 Deg IFOV will change depending upon the camera and els combination used and also the scan and acquisition settings used
Scan Rate 100 Images/s fully programmable in the scan acquisition settings
Mirror Scanner System

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