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SpectraSENS Software

High Performance Acquisition

Pushbroom hyperspectral imaging

Pushbroom hyperspectral cameras create a 2-dimensional image by scanning a line image across a target area. At each pixel in this image, a complete spectrum is measured and available. Creation of a 2-dimensional image can be made by moving the camera, the subject target, or by some rotation or scanner system.

Gilden Photonics has extensive experience in the applications, design, software, system manufacture and supply of hyperspectral systems. The spectraSENS software is a comprehensive hyperspectral image acquisition program designed from the ground-up to make high quality hyperspectral images as simply and efficiently as possible.

VNIR, NIR and SWIR 2D array detector systems

Hyperspectral images can be acquired using a variety of 2D array detectors. These detectors are classified in terms of frame rates and also spectral ranges. VNIR (400 - 1000nm) NIR (900 - 1700nm) and SWIR (900-2500nm). SpectraSENS software automatically detects the fitted camera and determines best operating conditions for fast scanning, geometric optimisation and exposure to provide best image quality and dynamic range optimisation.

Complete integration with mirror, rotary & linear scanner systems

The SpectraSENS software controls a large range of mirror, rotary and linear scanner platforms and the scan functions are synchronised detectors frame rates so that the optimum and best image quality measurements are made.

Square pixel generator

No longer is ‘trail and error’ required to determine the best experimental conditions to make ‘square pixel’ images. For the first time this is determined for you automatically, and is dynamically adjusted as you adjust imaging requirements. For example, use of pixel binning, change in frame rates, exposure times, fore-objectives and scanner parameters.


Exposure and frame rates are independent. This allows the optimum setting of the integration or exposure time within the period between frames such that the optimum exposure can be made to make the best use of the detector dynamic range hence optimisation of the measurement signal-to-noise ratio. The set-up quick scan function measures the scene brightness and then suggests the best exposure conditions for the experiment. Electron Multiplication detector technology is fully supported to allow detection sensitivities to almost single photon level.

Hypercube maker

Automatically makes the hypercube dataset. Free-running or fully scripted modes are available. Data saved in camera RAW mode and fully ENVI compatible.

On-line Monitor Research Mode
HyperCube Maker
  • Free Acquisition Mode
  • Scripted Mode
Auto-exposure mode
Dynamic range optimization
Speed optimisation
Real-Time Spectral Data Correction Real-time reflected spectra
Real-Time Sample Property Results Square pixel generator
Wavelength Selection (λstart and λstop) Spatial Range (Dstart and Dstop)
Spectral Resolution Selection Spatial resolution selection
Frame Rates Integration time per data Point
Electron Multiplying CCD Gain Control (if available) Uni- or Bi-directional scanning
Live Signal Count for Sample and Illumination Position Optimisation
Live spectrum
From pixel
From encircled area
Frame Image Display Waterfall acquisition display
HyperCube Display False color image

SpectraSENS Software

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