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PS Spectral Cameras

Spectral Camera PS consists of an imaging spectrograph for the wavelength 380-800 nm or 400-1000 nm, and a sensitive high speed interlaced CCD detector. Spectral Camera PS can be equipped either with a standard series imaging spectrograph (V8 or V10) as a low cost model, or with an enhanced series spectrograph Spectral Camera PS mounted on a rotary stage on top of a tripod (V8E or V10E) for applications which require high image quality. The transmission diffraction grating and lens optics used in the spectrograph provide a high quality, low distortion image that is designed to fulfill the most demanding specifications.


"An extremely versatile tool for HyperSpectral Imaging"

Spectral Camera PS provides outstanding performance at an affordable cost. Spatial resolution of 1344 pixels, image rate up to 62 images, and adjustables spectral sampling make it a tool which can meet the high scientific hyperspectral imaging requirements.

Spectral Range 380 - 800 400 -1000 380 - 800 400 - 1000 nm
Spectral Resolution with Default Slit 2.0 2.8 6 6.8 nm
Spectral Sampling 0.48 - 3.86 0.63 - 5.06 0.43 - 4.4 0.63 - 5.0 nm / pixel*
Spectral Resolution (RMS spot radius) < 9 < 30 < 40  μm
Abberations Insignificant astigmatism, keystone or smile Smile <45 μm, Keystone < 40 μm -
Numerical Aperture F / 2.4 F / 2.8 -
Slit Width Options Default 30, others 18, 50, 80, 150 Default 50, others 25, 80, 150 μm
Effective Slit Length 8.98 8.98 mm
Total Efficiency (typical) > 50% independent on polarization -
Stray Light < 0.5% / halogen lamp, 590 nm LPF -
Exposure Time Range 1 μm - 120s -
Power Consumption <5 w
Input Voltage 12 V (OEM) , 24 V (cased) -
Sensor Interline CCD -
Pixels in Full Frame 1392 (spatial) x 1040 (spectral) -
Active Pixels(spatial x spectral) 1392 x 870 1392 x 950 1392 x 990 -
Pixel Pitch 6.45 μm
Camera Output Digital 12 bit -
Interface Firewire -
Camera Control Firewire -
Frame Rate 11 fps (full frame) up to 62 fps ( 1 x 8 binning ) -
Storage - 20... + 50 ˚C
Operating + 5...+ 40 non-condensing ˚C
Size ( L x W x H) 330 x 85 x 90 241 x x73 79 220 x 60 x 70 mm³
Body Anodized aluminium with mounting screw holes -
Lens Mount Standard C-mount -
User Adjustments None -
Shutter Yes Optional No -

Gilden Photonics provides various accessories for the Spectral Cameras to broaden their applicability. Several fore objective lenses with different FOV’s are available which have been designed to provide the optimal image and spectral quality across the full spectral range of the Spectral Camera.

The Spectral Camera can be delivered with collection fiber optics to convert the camera into a multiple point spectrometer. All the points are measured simultaneously without a moving multiplexer

The Spectral Camera can also be delivered with a mirror scanner or rotating stage for scanning static targets and outdoor scenes, or with a liner sample mover (x-stage) for desktop and microscope applications.

  • Colour Control and Sorting
  • Scanning Art Works
  • Flat Panel Display Measurement
  • Printing Testing
  • Counterfeit Detection
  • Life Science Applications
  • Plant and Vegetation Research
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Hyper-Spectral Microscopy

Spectral Camera PS is supported by our SpectraSENS software, which allows

  • Data acquisition and saving data in the hard disk
  • Camera parameters settings
  • Control of a Mirror Scanner, a rotary stage and a linear sample mover
  • Basic image visualisation in real time

Datacubes are saved in ENVI compatible format that allows further processing by several software packages for hyperspectral data processing.

PS Spectral Cameras

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