Monochromator with C-T optical layout with one grating.  Automatic compensatory device for beeline guide abrasion which can improve accuracy of transmission,reduce noise,and extend application life.  Scanning can either be manual or instrument controlled via the SSC-3 controlling unit.  Widely used in different speciality and industries such as education, science research, plating film machine and air pollution studies.  Various configurations of input and output slits are available all with high precision, long application life time and symmetrical adjustment width.

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Focal Length 300 mm
Aperture Ratio f/6
Scanning Range 185 nm to far infrared with suitable gratings
Resolution 0.1 nm (at 435.8 nm, width of slits:10 µm,use 1200g/mm grating))
Wavelength Accuracy 0.2 nm
Repeatability 0.1 nm
Standard Slits Width:10 µm -3 mm can be adjusted continuously; Height:10 mm
Grating Option 1200l/mm, lp=500 nm (application range of wavelength: 330 - 1000 nm)
Virtual Application Area of Grating 50 mm × 38 mm
Minimum Drive Step Size of Find Step Subdivision Driving Motor 0.003125 nm (1200g/mm grating)
Size length 380 mm × width 285  mm × height  22 6mm (bottom feet are not included)
Central Height of Standard Slits 155 mm (bottom feet are not included )
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