Omni-lambda 300

Triple Grating Spectrograph

The Omni-lambda 300 is a monochromator / spectrograph for use in applications where medium to high spectral resolution is required e.g. fluorescence, Raman, absorption / tranmission measurements and source characterisation.  The package length is 300 mm with a fast f/3.9 aperture for increased light gathering capability.  Gratings are held on a interchageable triple sided turret, mounted on to a precision kinematic mount offering unparralled repeatability and reproducibility in spectral position, with up three turrets being supplied with each system.  Various configurations are available as shown below.  System control is via USB 2.0 and the supplied software, or ActiveX for integration into your own software.

Product Schematic

Product Image


Focal length 300 mm
Aperture ratio f/3.9
Scanning Range 0 to 1200 nm
Resolution 0.1 nm (at 435.8 nm wavelength, 10 µm width by 4 mm hight and standard 1200 g/m grating)
Dispersion 2.7 nm/mm (1200 g/mm grating)
Wavelength Accuracy 0.2 nm(1200 g/mm grating)
Repeatability 0.1 nm(1200 g/mm grating)
Drive Step Size 0.005 nm
Wavelength Range 200 nm - 2500 nm
Focal Plane Size 25 mm wide, 14 mm high
Standard Slits 10 µm - 3 mm, continuously adjustable
Grating Mount Interchangeable triple grating turret, can hold 1 or 2 or 3 gratings
Size 360 mm long X 260 mm wide X 200 mm high
Weight 15 Kg
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