Hyperspectral camera operating in the VIS and VNIR ranges
of 380-800 nm and 400-1000 nm. With its high spatial and
spectral resolution, high image rate, and rugged structure,
Spectral Camera, HS is an excellent tool for both industry
and science.

Specim's spectral camera is an imaging spectrometer, i.e., an integrated combination of our ImSpector imaging spectrograph and an area monochrome camera. It works as a pushbroom type line scan camera and provides full, continuous spectral information for each pixel.

The Spectral Camera HS consists of ImSpector, V8E or V10E for the wavelength range 380-800 nm or 400-1000 nm, respectively and a sensitive high speed interlaced CCD detector. The transmission diffraction grating and lens optics used in the spectrograph provide a high quality, low distortion image that is designed to fulfil the most demanding specifications. The Spectral Camera HS provides outstanding performance at affordable cost. Spatial resolution
of 1600 pixels, image rate up to 120 images/s, and adjustable spectral sampling make it a tool which can meet the highest industrial and scientific hyperspectral imaging requirements.


Product Schematic

Product Image


Range (nm)
VIS 380 - 800
VNIR 400 - 1000
Sensor CCD
380 - 800
400 - 1000
Interface CameraLink
Frame rate
(full frame)
Pixels in full frame
(spatial x Spectral)
1600 x 1200
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