High-speed hyperspectral camera in the range 970-2500 nm that provides the accuracy required in today’s most challenging nearinfrared chemical imaging applications, from pharmaceutical quality assurance to food and agriculture analysis and Process Analytical Technologies.

SPECIM´s Spectral Camera is an integrated
combination of our ImSpector imaging
spectrograph and an area monochrome
camera. It works as a push-broom type line scan
camera providing full, contiguous spectral data
for each pixel.

The Spectral Camera SWIR consists of an
ImSpector N25E imaging spectrograph for the
wavelength region 970-2500nm and a cooled,
temperature stabilized MCT detector. The
transmission diffraction grating and lens optics
used in the spectrograph provide a high quality,
distortion free image which is designed to meet
the unique requirements of the associated

The rugged camera housing is designed for
easy connectivity and operation. The camera
is delivered with separate power supply/
temperature control unit, frame grabber and the
necessary cables.

Unique dual cooling solution.

The MCT detector provides the highest
sensitivity in the full SWIR spectral range.
SPECIM’s dual cooling solution keeps the detector
chip in the required operating temperature of
<200 K and stabilizes the total detector package
temperature. It is designed to minimize the dark
current and ensure high stability in the detector
operations in a wide ambient temperature range.
It makes the camera a real tool for process and
outdoor uses.

Applications: -

Chemical Imaging for R&D
Process Analytical Technologies
Pharmaceutical manufacture
Plastics sorting
Mineral mapping
Food and agriculture
Moisture content distribution

Product Image


Range (nm) 1000 - 2500
Sensor MCT
Pixels in full frame
(spatial x spectral)
320 x 256
Interface LVDS
Frame rate 100Hz
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