SPECIM presents its thermal hyperspectral cameras in the
LWIR region 8 to 14 µm. Three camera models have been
specially designed to meet diverse requirements in industrial,
research and security applications.

HR (high resolution model) covers the
range 8-14 µm and is designed for applications
that require high spectral resolution. With spectral
sampling of 70 nm and 85 bands, HR is a high
performance solution for applications where
the targets emit higher than normal ambient
temperatures or where an IR source is used to
illuminate the sample. Application examples
include gas emission analysis and infrared
Chemical Imaging.

C model

For the most demanding ground-based remote
sensing and security applications, SPECIM
has integrated a state-of-the-art temperature
stabilized LWIR imaging spectrograph with the
highest sensitivity cooled MCT detector. Spectral
Camera LWIR C covers the spectral range 8 to
12 µm with high spectral selectivity of 84 bands
(sampling of 48 nm) and extensive speed of up
to 100 images/s.

SPECIM´s LWIR Spectral Cameras are
push-broom type line scan cameras that
provide full, contiguous hyperspectral
data for each pixel along the imaged line.
To respond to a wide range of applications
and requirements, SPECIM has developed 3
models of LWIR Spectral Cameras: HS and HR
(with uncooled detectors), and C (with cooled

HS and HR models

Spectral Cameras LWIR HS and HR integrate an
uncooled detector and optics. They are compact
(only 2.5kg) and versatile tools for a wide variety
of applications.
HS (high sensitivity model) covers the
spectral range 8-12 µm. It has 30 spectral bands
and spectral sampling of 200 nm. With a good
sensitivity and moderate spectral resolution,
HS is suitable for many industrial and Chemical
Imaging applications.


Geological mapping
Mineral classification
Water temperature
Camouflage detection
Gas detection
Flame analysis
Land cover type recognition

Product Image


Range (nm) 8 - 12µm
8 - 14µm
Sensor MCT
Pixels in full frame
(spatial x Spectral)
384 x 84
384 x 30
Interface LVDS
Frame rate 100Hz
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