Data Collection System

The DCCD100 consists of SONY ILX511 linear CCD-array dectector, DSP (Digital Signal Processor) integrated into a detector head that is easily fitted to the Omni-lambda series spectrographs.  This detector system is ideal for many spectroscopic applications, for example: illumination source testing, LED testing, flash light, fluorescence and phosphorescence etc.  The system exposure time, scan rates, and data collection are all controlled via the supplied software and offer a flexible, high performance yet low cost alternative to thermo-electrically cooled scientific grade CCD detectors. DCCD100 can be used with all Omni-lambda spectrographs.  It is already widely used in inustry, agriculture, process monitoring, metullurgy, environment protection, scientific research and education.  Included in its list of benefits are high sensitvity, single shot capability, easy to use and low cost.

Product Schematic

Product Image


Spectral response characteristics curve See Drawings
Number of pixels 2048
Pixel size 14 µm ×56 µm
Central Distance of ?? 14 µm
Sampling Speed 10 µs / pixel
Pixel readout range Start: 0-2046 End : 1-2047
Exposure time 0.1 µs - 65535 µs is adjustable
Power supply 5 V
Working Temperature -10° to +60°
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