HSI Conference 2011

Gilden Photonics is delighted to be involved as one of the organisers and sponsors for the 2nd HSI Conference 2011.
Hyperspectral Imaging Conference (HSI 2011): Monday 16th to Wednesday 18th May 2011
We are pleased to announce a Call for Papers for the second annual academic sponsored Hyperspectral Imaging Conference, which is being organised by University of Strathclyde's Centre for excellence in Signal and Image Processing (CeSIP).
The event aims to gather academic and industrial practitioners to share their knowledge of innovation of the technology.  Accepted papers will describe in detail critical implementation issues and the latest applications of hyperspectral imaging technology.  The conference will feature oral and poster sessions, a tutorial programme, demo presentations, invited speakers and an exhibition space.

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LEC's Sustainable Water Management Laboratory comes up tops in Defra audit

LEC's Sustainable Water Management Laboratory comes up tops in Defra audit

Gilden Photonics is pleased to announce that their new single photon counting fluoroimeter, fluoroSENS has played a part in the Lancaster Environment Centre's audit.

LEC's inorganic nutrients laboratory, otherwise known as the CSWM laboratory, has recently achieved high acclaim for its compliance with the Defra Joint Code of Practice.
Dr Paddy Keenan was congratulated for his part in running a tight ship without any noted non-compliance with the code.
Open since November 1st 2005, the laboratory is an exemplar of cross University - CEH collaboration and is based in the CEH building. The lab services nutrient analytical needs across LEC and serves as a point of contact between LEC University groups and CEH. Among many facilities on offer are;
• SEAL Analytical AQ2 - Discrete analyser for a broad range of wet chemistries
• Analytical Sciences Thermalox - Total carbon and nitrogen analyser for use with aqueous samples
• Dionex ICS2500 - General cation and anion analyses
• Gilden Photonics FluoroSENS fluorimeter - Highly sensitive single photon counting instrument
The lab has further enhanced its reputation by successfully completing the latest Aquacheck proficiency testing round for its most commonly used methods.
Please contact Dr Paddy Keenan (p.keenan@lancaster.ac.uk) if you want to know more about the facilities on offer in the laboratory.

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