New Case Studies

  1. Fluorescence Spectrometer

    The modular ZLX-FS fluorescence spectrometer is designed for the precise measurement of excitation and emission spectra from solid or liquid samples and has found application in many fields such as chemistry, physics, biology, medicine and environmental monitoring... [ more details ]
  2. Photoluminescence Spectrometer

    The measurement of photoluminescence from semi-conductor materials has become an important characterisation method and is widely accepted to provide information on for example: carrier doping levels, alloy compositions, film structures, band gap and edge effects, etc... [ more details ]
  3. Detector Spectral Response Characterisation

    The photoelectric detector is today used daily in all walks of life. One of the key measurements of performance is the spectral responsivity of such a detector... [ more details ]

Modular Raman Spectrometer

Raman spectroscopy has become a key measurement in many application areas that require analytical assay such as materials identification, process control and monitoring, surface analysis to name but a few.

The ZLX-RS is a modular system design for high quality Raman measurement from solid and liquid samples. The system utilises a scientific grade cooled CCD array detector and an Omni-lambda series spectrograph for signal analysis. Samples can be excited by a high power single mode such as: a 785 nm laser diode, HeCd, Ar+, frequency doubled Nd:YAG laser at 532nm, or HeNe laser. The system also has an appropriate super-notch filter fitted in front of the spectrograph entrance to remove the laser line.

System Configuration

  Modular Raman Spectrometer
Laser HeCd, Ar+, Nd:YAG, HeNe, Laser Diode
Spectrograph Omni-lambda 300, Omni-lambda 500
Sample SAC sample chamber
Detectors Scientific Grade Cooled CCD
Software ZolixScan
Options Super-notch filter and Chamber, Plasma filter

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